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Duraflame™ – 19" Fire Pit Stand

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  • PURPOSE-BUILT DESIGN: Expertly designed to be used with the Duraflame™ 19" stainless steel low smoke fire pit, ensuring a seamless and precise fit for an enhanced fire pit experience.

  • EFFORTLESS ASSEMBLY: Experience hassle-free setup by simply inserting the braces into the triangular design, ensuring a sturdy and wobble-free base for maximum stability.

  • HEAT DISPERSING DESIGN: The elevated stand keeps your Duraflame™ fire pit above finished surfaces, effectively dispersing heat away from direct contact with the surface.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, our stand serves as the perfect complement to your Duraflame™ low smoke fire pit, providing exceptional durability and a stylish aesthetic.

  • STABLE AND SECURE: The innovative tri-point design ensures a sturdy and wobble-free base, keeping your fire pit securely in place. The lock-in tab cut-outs on the arms provide an extra layer of security, ensuring a stable and worry-free fire pit experience.

  • ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY: A must-have addition for any backyard barbecue or fire pit gathering, ensuring convenience, and enhancing your outdoor grilling experience.

Experience the elegance of the Duraflame low smoke fire pits and stands, featuring a timeless and classic design accentuated by a sleek stainless-steel frame. The stand offers a practical solution, keeping your Duraflame fire pit elevated above finished surfaces, effectively dispersing heat away from direct contact for added safety.

With its user-friendly design, including easy-to-assemble braces and a sturdy tri-point construction, this stand provides a secure and wobble-free base, ensuring the utmost stability for your fire pit. Crafted from premium stainless steel, it not only boasts exceptional durability but also serves as the perfect complement to any outdoor fire setup.

Duraflame™ Smokeless Firepit 19" Stand, Made with 304 Stainless Steel, Sturdy Tri-Point Design, Easy Assembly Firepit Accessory